here, mothers are

what this is

here, mothers are is a site-specific collaborative project between artist Sonja Thomsen and storyteller Adam Carr, with members of the Amani Neighborhood in the city of Milwaukee.

Over a period of three months, Thomsen and Carr conducted living room interviews with women and families connected to the Dominican Center for Women. Those intimate and varied experiences have been translated to mural photographs and text, which populate a pop-up gallery as well as the boards of a neighboring foreclosed home between 24th & 25th on Locust. The installation invites viewers to go beyond faces and facades, into family spaces within the surrounding neighborhood through visuals, text, and interactive audio. here, mothers are gives personal spaces a place in the public domain.

Throughout the course of the physical installation, this website will be a place for collecting and cataloguing community submissions from the neighborhood, specifically on topics relating to motherhood. Please check back as the project continues to grow during the coming months.


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