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who we are

Artist Sonja Thomsen

Based in her hometown of Milwaukee, Sonja Thomsen is a conceptual artist working in photography and installation. She is a Rufus King graduate and received an MFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004 and a BA in Biology & Studio Art from Kenyon College in 2000. Thomsen’s photographs have been featured in group & solo exhibitions throughout the United States and Iceland. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum and Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur. Thomsen’s work has been exhibited at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, Reykjavik Iceland; New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM Silverstein Photography, New York City, NY; Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI. Thomsen was a Hermitage Fellow in 2008 and a nominee for the Santa Fe Prize in 2009. She was most recently granted the 2011 Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowships for Established Artist Award.

Storyteller Adam Carr

Adam Carr is a storyteller and radio producer based in Milwaukee, WI. A proud product of Milwaukee Public Schools (Golda Meir, Morse Middle School, Rufus King), he graduated from Carleton College in 2007 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, as well as spending a large amount of time in a basement doing college radio (at KRLX). Between 2008 and 2011, he spent two and a half short but productive years at community-based public radio station 88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS), producing nearly 1000 short form audio pieces on wide range of topics, from arts and culture to at-risk youth, from Milwaukee neighborhoods to basic and human needs. Currently, he is working as a freelancer on projects ranging from media to public art to non-profit capacity building, finding new directions to explore the rigor and creativity of narrative as well as passion for community.


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  1. Very interested in learning more about your work on Monday.


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