here, mothers are

here, mothers are — passersby

While spending time in the installation space, we’ve had a chance to notice and interact with passersby. A handful of foot traffic:

• With a spongebob backpack, a young man runs down the alley, late for school — in the afternoon, his walk back up the alley was much more leisurely

• A guy who knew a few jokes, as well as the former owner of the house where we’re  installing

• Twins in matching bright purple striped shirt and blue hats, out for a walk with their mother and grandmother

• All talking on their phones while walking together, a group of young women that all talks as loudly with their hands as they do with whoever’s on the other line

• Wearing a tweed jacket, an older gentleman biking by on an old blue Schwinn

• The formerly mysterious guy who’s responsible for the Swisher Sweets wrappers around the lot — turns out it’s the same guy who parks in the Toyota Supra, listening to music

• A group of young men on the opposite side of the street — one yells across, “What kind of house is that?” We respond, “It’s a foreclosure, owned by the city.” He nods. “What are those pictures on the windows?” We think for a second about the most appropriate explanation to yell across Locust Street, “Art.” He pauses to think. “Cool.” The group keeps walking.

• Holding her handlebars and walking a dog, a grandfather teaching his granddaughter how to ride a bike.

• A teenage neighbor that spent some time talking to us while neglecting to clean his room — after a few minutes, his father came outside to remind him of his responsibility.

• “Are those for sale?” Question from a woman walking by.

• For a dozen minutes before and after 3pm, there are a ton of loud, yellow school buses on Locust Street.

This list will grow as we make more observations and have more interactions in the space.

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