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a morning at the ‘easter egg house’

This morning we visited Katherine, who lives just a few blocks from the Dominican Center. She was outside working in the sun when we arrived, getting her yard and garden ready for the growing season.

Katherine showed us the beautiful family photographs and momentos she’s collected around her home. In many pictures of her children, they wore outfits that she’d made herself, which were incredibly impressive.

Katherine preferred not to be recorded, so there’s no audio from the experience, but we were very thankful to spend part of our morning getting to know her and her family a bit.

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One thought on “a morning at the ‘easter egg house’

  1. Adam:

    So sorry I was not able to get in touch with you as I had planned. I wanted to be at the event this Saturday but the second Saturday of each month I meet with the women of my church. I wish you and Sister Patricia and all the others a blessed grand unveiling of the project. We hope you can come again to be with 14th Street CARES in the very near future. There is so much going on now that we have been designated as a Targeted Improvement Neighborhood by the City. Please pass the word on to Sister Patricia. Want to see if you would be willing to either participate or attend our neighborhood improvement project on Saturday the 21st. 200 students from Marquette along with residents and children from LaFollette will embark on this endeavor to spruce up Burleigh Street between I-43 and West 14th Street 10AM. Call me for more information 344-3933 X161

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