here, mothers are

a place for interview pieces

Over the course of the next month, we’ll be accumulating quotes/thoughts/fragments taken from our recorded conversations. Some will become part of the physical installation and others will likely pop up in this digital space in future posts. (Check back!)

she didn’t trust me, but i wanted that trust from her

hi momma! you looking pretty

i’ll plan for me afterward

i had you… i HAD you

mom does real good on her curtains, she love her curtains

she wouldn’t have no other way, you’re not gonna be like me

no one else existed when big momma was here

before you were born i was pretty selfish

i just didn’t want my kids to grow up like i did, not with love from they mother

the love she’s supposed to show me but i showed her

i love being a grandmother, i love being a great grandmother

i was a failure to my children

most of these kids that she raised and took care of here are around here

i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know what we should do

ok… i have a baby

i didn’t get my kids everything even if i could afford it

i’d like to take her somewhere she never been before

i know how to love now, at first i didn’t

you feel normal, and… ok i’m a mother

i could not tell my kids i loved them and i wanted to

its like a tree, my mother started it and the tree keep growing, making fruit

and i just started listening to my mother… i’m 54

having him made me just realize how much those people are important

like wow he loves me like he really love me

i think i wanted to do something sort of like what she did

i think vulnerability is a gift — to be able to understand it and cope with it is something that deepens you. and you’re able to accept the vulnerability in somebody else

cooking, cleaning for the holidays! i miss that

we cooked so much food it made no sense

cause she was so little — she was just a hand baby. it was like she was gonna break

i wanted my baby around me all the time. i was scared to leave her with anybody, because you know that was my baby

it’s like they didn’t need me anymore, but see, i still needed them

the tables turned — they wanted to start teaching me. but i was mama, you know!

since i took care of them, it’s like they want to take care of me

i used to know what my kids were gonna be

family is all you have

i banked on that — on their foundation, and grew from there

there’s so much love there. they show you how to love

warm love — that love

that was her rule and that was her law, in the home or in the church or up and down the road

i still listen to her

that was her rule and that was her law, in the home or in the church or up and down the road

that’s how she knew how to raise us

they just didn’t know a different way to go because no one had told them

i need to do something for me

my grandma just wants somebody to listen to her

whether you think so or not, she knows

just listen to her — she does most of the talking

every big moment my grandma was there and i got a picture to prove it

not to be like my mom

mom, every little thing we do you’ve got something to say about it

my mom really cares

and she opened her eyes and she said, ‘i love you’

that part i understood

she thinks that way, but it doesn’t have to be that way

i think that’s something my mom has to learn

whether you think so or not, she knows

she has lots of questions. a whole lot of questions

make her feel like a part. she just wants to feel a part

every big moment my grandma was there, i got a picture to prove it

i guess it’s the way you’re raised or the way to see it

ain’t nobody gonna take this from me!

i wanted to go home! i always wanted to go home

you know. you’re little, you don’t understand, you’re like, ‘why are you doing that? we don’t understand that.’ but she understood. she knew why.

i was at so much peace

and i think i was just happy

we had a home going

it was. i won’t forget that

she sung that song though

i’m gonna take it really personal if my kids don’t succeed in life

and so when i would pick him up, he would already be asleep

i met the mother that i remembered at the age of three and four years old

she had us very young

i didn’t have time to be a kid

everything was consumed with responsibilities

so it was always work, work, work, work, work

remember being a little kid, hearing her singing while cooking, combing our hair, dressing us, the smells in the house

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