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Sister Ann in her other home

“And if some of the stuff is hard to listen to — listen.”

After co-founding the Dominican Center 20 years prior, Sister Ann Halloran retired two years ago (Georgia Pabst of the MJS wrote a wonderful article on her retirement here). While their work is going strong under Sister Patricia, the current director, Sister Ann’s legacy is deeply woven into the Dominican Center. As things go, her name, and even pictures of her, have made appearances in every interview we’ve done so far.

In Sister Ann’s home, we spoke about her time at the Dominican Center and relationships she’s formed through the process. Many of her statements began “I will never forget” and continued with the story of a person in need. Whether the change was subtle or dramatic, she walked with them, helping them find what they were looking for.

This spirit can be heard in the following excerpt from the conversation — we asked Sister Ann to imagine she’s giving advice to herself back in 1990, when she was beginning her union with the Dominican Center:

We didn’t have time to stop for lunch, and during the approach to Sister Ann’s house, our conversation turned from the coming interview to coping with hunger. Turns out, we had nothing to worry about. Sister Ann greeted us with a smile and spread of delicious finger foods, including a Pączki for Fat Tuesday.  She knew exactly what we needed before we had a chance to say anything.

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