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Diana & Queenie

During our first experience stepping off Locust Street and entering the Dominican Center, we went directly to the ‘meditation room,’ a small space with places to sit and a few beautiful pieces of art.

An exuberantly collaged coffee table sits in the middle of the room — it demands attention. The artist responsible for the table, as well as a handful of paintings/murals around the Dominican Center, turned out to be Diana Massey, a woman as vibrant as her art.

For our visit, we started in Diana’s home, checking out more art and discussing a short story she’d recently written. Joined by her husband Doug, we progressed to her mother Queenie’s house, just next door.

The group settled into Queenie’s immaculate front room. We asked Diana if she could take charge of the interview and guide the interview/conversation with her mother — she was more than happy to oblige.

Diana and Queenie immediately launched into a stream of conversation alternating between the hilarious, heartfelt, and thoughtful. The following is an excerpted story about a young pie-stealing, sibling-framing daughter:

As the conversation continued, we learned that Queenie had been just as mischievous as Diana when she was a younger:

More from Diana and Queenie coming, including their relationship, their parallels, and other members of their family.

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