here, mothers are

the Amani Neighborhood & the Dominican Center

Amani, the home neighborhood of here, mothers are, is bounded by 35th Street on the west, 15th Street on the east, Capitol Drive on the north, North Avenue on the south. Of course, exact neighborhood definitions can be a little fuzzy, as they come and go for a variety of reasons — Amani overlaps with other communities like Arlington Heights, Metcalfe Park, Lindsay Heights, Park West, and probably others.

The Dominican Center, our major community partner in this project, has been located roughly at the center of the Amani neighborhood, on 24th and Locust. For over twenty years, their mission has been to partner with the community to maintain and enhance a beautiful, stable, healthy and safe neighborhood consisting of residents who are community-minded and are striving to be meaningfully educated and employed. They have done this in a number of ways over the years, ranging from adult classes to community organizing efforts to a recent focus on housing in the neighborhood.

Sonja calls walking into the Dominican Center “like an embrace.” This warmth has been reflected consistently in the way folks talk about the center, many calling it “a blessing.”

The Amani Neighborhood and the Dominican Center have been major pillars of here, mothers are, both in terms of content and support, and will continue to be integral parts of the project moving forward.

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